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March 16, 2009

I think My Technical Problems are Over

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After dealing with months of computer hardware and software problems, online shopping nightmares, out-sourced HP printer  techies who waste three hours of your life with live chat support that yields nothing (his question to me after dealing with a printer that kept chopping off 1/2″ from the right side of the page was “…(first he walked me through all the steps to get to the print set preferences–I was already there waiting for him) is the 8 1/2 by 11″ paper selcted?”  I was ready to rip his f–king head off.  Better yet, I’ll never buy HP anything again.

I emailed a friend who happens to be a tenured design professor at OSU. After explaining the situation he told me that it’s a common problem: Adobe Creative Suite is not compatible with HP printers. Hmmmm…  The next day I was talking to another friend about this and she said her mother uses Photshop Elements and she ended up buying an Epson printer because her HP was doing the same thing as mine.  So, after investing in a new PC, software, an HP printer, and other bells and whitsles (my favorite is the screen calibrator) I purchased yet  ANOTHER PRINTER!

Is there an Adobe – Epson conspiracy against HP?  Why don’t HP and Adobe get together and resolve their issues? Is there counseling for software and peripherals? I feel as if I’m the only one stimulating the economy and it’s not as if I’m enjoying it. I prefer going green but loading up on plastic computer crap like printers isn’t exactly great for the environment or my conscience and bank account. Okay, tantrum / tangent done. 

I bought an Epson Photo Stylus R 1900 that uses archival pigment inks and has 8 separate cartridges. A friend and fellow photographer, Sonny Lewis, the guy who took my PR pix posted on my website bio page, came over to the house and made sure the printer, camera and software were all talking to each other so the prints are beautiful.  What does this mean for you? If you purchase my photographs or giclees, depending on the paper and size, I may be able to get them to you sooner. If you order my books, the inks are archival and much finer quality print and color.

The only thing left to resolve is the website–as of this afternoon it won’t let me edit its pages.  I already emailed the administrator.  Sometimes I long for the days of typewriters, carbon paper, bike messengers, letters…

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