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May 18, 2009

I’m Painting Again

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It’s been four years since I touched a brush and I started watercolor painting.  I remember loving it when I tried it about 11years ago. That was shortly after I moved to Oyhio: I was looking for something to do so took a class that was advertised at a metro park in Columbus.  The ad stated that the instructor was from Brooklyn, NY so I figured I go listen to her “tawk” for three hours a week. I never touched a paint brush prior to that class–not even to paint a wall in my house (just ask my husband). Anyway, Helen Seigel taught the British Round Brush Bobotanical method. Beautiful. But I’m thinking if you want it to look like  exactly like the flowers, then take a photo. Yes, I am oversimplifying things. Helen is an incredibly gifted artist. Her artwork is to die for and she was a great workshop teacher (she stopped teaching workshops to find “real” work as a medical assistant to support her family). Anyway, I was hooked but couldn’t remember enough and was too depressed over the move to small town America to keep working in isolation.

A few years later, I took another class from an artist named David Ruckman at a local (40 minutes away) art center. I loved is work; much more abstract than Helen’s.  David said his biggest influence was an artist named Fred Graff. Again, I didn’t put enough time into it and was frustrated since the classes were only 2 hours long, once a week. Signed up again but dropped out due to schedule conflicts.  So, a couple of years later I’m roaming around an art show in Boston Mills,  Ohio and these wonderful abstract paintings stop me dead in my tracks. I start to talk to the artist and low and behold (actually I really wanted to write “holy shit!”) it was Fred Graff. What a nice guy.  I picked up one of his brochures, signed up for a workshop he was scheduled to teach the following year, LOVED it and, yup, didn’t follow through. 

During the next four years, my schedule kept conflicting with Fred’s workshop schedule (actually step kids’ graduations, Paper Book Intensive Symposiums, Reach Out and Read, and the Society of Arts in Health Care) until this year. So last week I started again, loved every second of class, was mesmerized by his talent and generosity, touched by the kindness of the other participants and grateful to his wife Jan, for keeping us all on track and organized.

Oh yes, since I’ve been home I started and finished a painting, sketched a still life of sea shells (still thinking how I’m going to approach that one–may change the background); and am going to start another painting this afternoon (sketch is done).  Tonight , I’m going to gesso-up some sheets and boards…and I am taking an intermediate level workshop mid June.

May 3, 2009

Funny Sells

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First of all, forgive me readers for I have sinned.

What is your sin, Debra?

I have failed to blog for over a month.

What are your pathetic excuses?

Too much end of school year stuff, too many workshops re: business telling me I should social network more so I already feel guilty which drove me further into procrastination and depression, a FABULOUS trip to NY and the anticipation of that VISA bill is compounding the anxiety and, hm-mm…let’s see…oh yes the great news: the little nasty books I wrote that I won’t even let my husband and his family read is selling like hot cakes.

Pray tell oh sinner, what is the name of this nasty book?

You Realize You’re a Jew in a Small Town When…Volume I and Volume II.  Something in town just really pissed me off one day (well one day in particular) and I just sat my ass down and started writing. When I completed the layout I still had too much stuff left even after the edits so I designed the second volume. I posted its availability on the Book Arts List Serve and I’ve been getting orders ever since, the first of which came from the Jaffe Center for Book Arts in Boca Raton, Florida. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

The way to absolution: Keep writing the truth no matter how politically incorrect it is and eat chocolate.

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