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May 3, 2009

Funny Sells

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First of all, forgive me readers for I have sinned.

What is your sin, Debra?

I have failed to blog for over a month.

What are your pathetic excuses?

Too much end of school year stuff, too many workshops re: business telling me I should social network more so I already feel guilty which drove me further into procrastination and depression, a FABULOUS trip to NY and the anticipation of that VISA bill is compounding the anxiety and, hm-mm…let’s see…oh yes the great news: the little nasty books I wrote that I won’t even let my husband and his family read is selling like hot cakes.

Pray tell oh sinner, what is the name of this nasty book?

You Realize You’re a Jew in a Small Town When…Volume I and Volume II.  Something in town just really pissed me off one day (well one day in particular) and I just sat my ass down and started writing. When I completed the layout I still had too much stuff left even after the edits so I designed the second volume. I posted its availability on the Book Arts List Serve and I’ve been getting orders ever since, the first of which came from the Jaffe Center for Book Arts in Boca Raton, Florida. Couldn’t have been more perfect.

The way to absolution: Keep writing the truth no matter how politically incorrect it is and eat chocolate.

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