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February 14, 2010

My World Has Changed in Seven Months

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My brother is going to be okay: cancer is gone. Healing process is a long road for him because he’s not taking good care of himself. He needs a caring woman to kick his ass. I know it’s sexist but it’s the truth. I love him but he is pain in the…and his own worst enemy.  He has got to get well. He has devoted his life to saving others, he has got to fight to save his own.

Robin: She’s going to be okay, too. Undergoing radiation and living with cancer as if it were a chronic disease, which it seems to be.

My nephew is moving to Australia with his wife. Great opportunity but he’s the leader in his field and could stay in the States. Nothing like a smack in the head and those abandonment issues rearing their ugly little heads. May not see him again for many years.

I’ve been working with “my boys” through You Gotta Have HeART. Christmas was great thanks to The NY City Quilters quilt shop. Kathy Izzo donated fabric and hosted  two sessions in her store to to make NYC Christmas stockings for the boys. The Cincinnati youth group from Greenhills Presbyterian Church and my friends at Sames and Cook, a local coffee and antique shop filled them.

This house didn’t sell. Took it off the market and will put it back in the Spring.  Local hospital backed out on the agreement to purchase the small office building that housed hubby’s practice. Bad news: I’m stuck in this town–needed the cash to fix up the house in Akron. Good news, I’ve been using the rent check to finance a new venture.  I’ll tell you about it in the next post and I promise it won’t be seven months from now. I’m hoping it will be next week. Two at most. Life is Good. Really.

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